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Magento Development Service

Magento Development Service in Dubai

Build Customer Trust With Excellent Magento Development Services

Magento is an independent platform coded in PHP. Varien US Inc created this application for the ecommerce sites. It was launched in the year of 2008 and then, half of its share was sold to eBay. Magento 2.0 was released in 2015 with the sole aim to increase user engagement and smoother navigation. It also tried to improve the conversion rates and revenues generated. If you want to create your own Magento account to add shine to your online business, then opt for quality Magento development services.

What is The Purpose of Magento?

There is plenty of Magento development services out there in the market but before taking any help from them, first, know about Magento and how can it benefit users in the longer run.

Magento is a platform that is being used by the leading online retail stores. If you are looking for establishing your own online store, then Magento is the most viable option. It will simplify your problems and will offer flexibility, and thus, you can focus more on selling your products and items.

Salient Features Of Magento

Magento is an online content management system. It gives a master key to the users, and thus, they can take charge of their site's settings, functionality, and the appearance. The platform is created for the everyday users; you don't have to be a developer if you are willing to buy any plug-ins. Here are the prominent features that Magento provides:

  • It manages the SEO(Search Optimization Engine) for you. The platform will help in customizing the shopping cart according to your choice.

  • You can get assistance for pricing, and it provides flexible coupons as well. Magento keeps track of the data and reports you every time for the betterment of the sales or business.

  • It will keep track of your customer's orders so that you can get the relevant information as well. This application has multiple images and zoom features that will help you to engage more customers.

  • Magento also supports diverse foreign currencies.

These are some of the important features that Magento offers every entrepreneur who is new to the ecommerce industry. You can take help from Magento development services; they will help you to create a proper Magento account.

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How To Optimize Magento To Build The Customers’ Trust?

There are many existing applications that can enhance the features of the Magento. With the help of these, you can ensure a good impact on your business, and it will help you to generate more revenue.


It is a memory caching system that uses key or value to store data in memory. Redis gives extra advantages to the user by removing the unwanted cache during the flush operation.


It is a tool that accelerates the web application without degrading the performance of the webpage. If used properly, it can improve the performance of your site by accumulating all the webpage in a memory at the time of a cache hit.


Turpentine Magento extension uses the Varnish technology to improve its own functions. Due to some reason, Varnish is often not compatible with Magento since it doesn't accept the cookies with cache request. Instead, it sends every cookie with zero-hit-rate for the Varnish cache. To resolve such issues, Turpentine manages Varnish and makes it aligned with Magento, thus increasing the hit rate of the site.


Magento also provides a layout for ecommerce websites. You can easily customize the theme according to your choice without exploiting their layout and site's content.

Hence, users can optimize Magento by using this additional application. If you are not sure how to handle such applications, get in touch with Magento development services.

Different Versions Of Magento

There are only two types Magento editions that are available in the market.

    1. Magento Community

This community version is free and you can use this for practicing and honing your skills. It will help you to customize the website according to your need and demands. It doesn't offer support for this version.

    2. Magento Enterprise

As you are getting the idea by the name, it offers maximum features and it also gives full technical support. Magento Enterprise includes all the necessary instructions for installation, usage, error solving and configuration.